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Short term objectives:

To reprint enough copies in 2002 to continue to distribute the coloring book and teachers guide to the schools with whom we have an ongoing commitment as well to distribute it in new settings such as to the children of artisan coop members.

To distribute an increased number of coloring books to educators who have interest in participating in Pro Arte Maya.

To distribute copies of photographs of artisans for hanging in participating schools of the various towns.

To develop and organize training sessions for teachers participating in the Pro Arte Maya project in order to give them additional background to help them utilize the coloring book and teacher’s guide more effectively and to enlist their input into development of Pro Arte Maya.

To further develop the teachers guide, with the help of teachers themselves.

To explore collaborations with other organizations to further aims of Pro Arte Maya

Image from Pro Arte Coloring Book byMaryln Anderson. Click on photo for enlargement.

Long term objectives:

To continue reprinting the coloring book and teachers guide and develop relationships and distribute to additional schools.

To develop still other aspects of the Mayan Arts and Crafts education project such to support more teaching of traditional arts in schools.

To provide a set of representative Maya arts and crafts for each collaborating school.

To obtain financial support to hire the services of an arts and crafts specialist to promote Pro Arte Maya as well as to be in charge of book distribution.

To print a another edition of the coloring book using eight more widely spoken Mayan languages not included in the first printing.

To develop a second guide for teachers in larger cities and towns where children have less consciousness about arts and crafts and little chance to see artisans working.

To print an additional coloring book, now in progress, showing Maya women weavers, the designs they use, and with background about the cultural importance of weaving.

Project Background:

In 1997, I met Consejo Maya members Virginia Ajxup and Juan Zapil who as educators, had already produced educational materials for Maya children. They supported my idea to produce an arts and crafts coloring book for children in Mayan languages and Spanish. With joint effort, the multi language coloring book Artes y Artesanías Mayas de Guatemala finally became a reality in 2001. I produced the text and drawings, collaborating with Juan Zapil and Virginia Ajxup as to the drawing’s content and details. They took responsibility for finding translators of the captions into eight Mayan languages. Fernando Peñalosa, Publisher and Director of the Yax Te’ Foundation expertly designed the book and assisted in many other ways.

Printing took place thanks to grant support of the Daniele Agostino Foundation with additional help from the Puffin Foundation. Other funds came from individual donors. Many other people contributed, too, including Grahame Russell and Annie Bird of the organization Rights Action. Special thanks goes to my husband, Jon Garlock.

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