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Carol Ventura Home page  - Carol Ventura, artist, author and educator, has links to to pages about her own work, about crochet and weaving as well as the work of textile artists from Cameroon, Canada, Guatemala, and Mexico. Her page has links to the history of the technique, 2 free projects, how-to instructions, and books. Her backstrap weaving page at has links to the backstrap loom and a Spanish version of the page.

Ecobre - Hand-forged Copper: Impressive array of hand-forged copper art worked in the traditional bonfire method by the Purepecha of Central Mexico. Handcrafted copper sinks and rainchains as well as many other accessories. Fair Trade Federation Member.

Fair Trade Federation: Trade Association of retailers, wholesalers and producers committed to supporting Fair Trade practices as a means of creating economic self sufficiency in developing world.

Kšinal Winik Cultural Center at Cleveland State University. Promotes programs and produces educational materials about Maya language, art and culture.

NISGUA: the Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala.

Rights Action: Rights-based community development work.

Terra Experience: supports sustainable development, fair trade, local artisans, their communities and the environment. Hand-woven textiles from South and Central America, ethnic doll clothes, folk art, toys, books and other fun and educational stuff can all be ordered through Terra Experience.

WARP: Weave a Real Peace (WARP) Fosters self empowerment and betterment of women and communities-in-need through textile arts.

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